Looks like 36-year-old Lady Gaga is no longer will come to Russia with concerts.

"Were stupid": Lady Gaga spoke about Russians During of her performance in Los Angeles, the artist allowed herself to offend the Russians. ;: Lady Gaga spoke about the Russians” />

“They should have arrested me in Russia while they had the opportunity. I told them to handcuff me, I came with an escort. They were as stupid then, so they remained “, Gaga said from the stage.

"Were stupid": Lady Gaga spoke about Russians

Problems with representatives of the law of our country she had twice. In 2009, they tried to arrest the singer for an inappropriate view on Red Square. In 2014, she gave a speech in support of the LGBT community during concerts in Moscow. After that, an inspection was carried out at the initiative of Vitaly Milonov.

Well, the Russians, by tradition, after Gaga's statements, began to attack her page on the now banned social network.

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