Bi-2 band canceled concert in Omsk because of banner The famous band “Bi -2” announced the cancellation of the concert in Omsk – the money for the tickets will be fully refunded.

Bi-2 band canceled concert in Omsk because of bannerThe following appeal to the fans appeared on the official page of the musical group on the VKontakte social network: “Friends! We are very disappointed to inform you that our concert in Omsk has been cancelled. we were not allowed to hold a concert, it had to be canceled. Now these events can be used to continue the information attack that Bi-2 has been under in the media over the past week. We regard this situation as a continuation of attacks on the band and our fans. We will definitely check so that all the money is returned to our fans. With love and faith in good music, Bi-2″.

Bi-2 band canceled concert in Omsk because of banner

Bi-2 band canceled the concert in Omsk due to banner

Many publications report that on the stage in the hall where the concert was to take place, a banner “For the President” was posted. A photo of the banner, hung with a black cloth by the group's staff, appeared on social networks. The administration of the site asked to remove it, but was refused. As a result, “Bi-2” canceled their concert. Earlier, a similar situation happened with another popular group – DDT, led by Yuri Shevchuk, refused to perform in Tyumen because of the letter “Z” placed in the hall and announced the postponement of the concert.

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