“We have a great pleasure!”: Tatiana Navka congratulations on the addition to the family

«У нас большая радость!»: Татьяну Навку поздравляют с пополнением в семье
The skater has shared good news.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Hope and newborn baby

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

Tatiana Navka has announced the arrival of a new family member. The Olympic champion announced that recently became an aunt. In social networks skater posted a picture posing with her daughter Hope and a newborn baby, Paul, and whose name is yet kept secret.

“And we have great joy, we have a new baby. I became an aunt,” says happiness 43-year-old Navka.

Meanwhile, fans are closely monitoring the changes in the figure of Tatyana herself. Due to the recent recognition of the athletes that she is ready to give birth to male children, suggesting a new pregnancy skill sets can happen in the near future. The dream of becoming a mother Tatiana shared on the set of “the Secret to a million.”

Navka twice waiting for someone to be the boy’s mother, but both times she had girls: first Alexander, and then Hope. “The third would be a boy! I constantly think about it, it was time. So, Dmitry, you can’t go anywhere!” — said Tatiana.

We will remind that on April 13 Tatyana celebrated birthday. The most valuable gifts for her were gifts from daughters. Hope gave my mom a touching postcard, and Alexander was devoted to his mother performed at the Banquet song.