Подопечная Меладзе ждет ребенка
The soloist of group “Yin-Yang” is eight months pregnant.

Tatiana Bogacheva

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

The graduate “factories of stars” the brothers Meladze Tatiana Bogacheva long time at social events and group concerts, where previously the group “Yin-Yang” was regulars. Fans of the stars have already started to experience, not set out whether the singer to leave the band and start a solo career like her former bandmate Julia Parshuta.

But the excitement of the fans was unjustified. Yes, Tatiana is really going to leave the band, but not forever, and in the decree! The girl is now in her eighth month of pregnancy.

This happy circumstance was apparent when Bogachev appeared at the birthday party of restaurant Sergey Svetlakov, which was held yesterday in Moscow. The pregnant singer company amounted bandmates — Artem Ivanov and Sergei Ashihmin.

By the way, the baby’s father apparently is Artem Ivanov, because they have been together for many years.

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