Алсу продемонстрировала счастье с мужем Ten years ago, the singer got married. Alsou now happily married. The actress and her husband are raising two daughters.

      Алсу продемонстрировала счастье с мужем

      Ten years ago, the famous singer Alsou married. Chosen one beauty became a businessman Yan Abramov. In marriage, the artist had two charming daughters – Safina and Mikell. Alsou tries to spend more time in a circle of close friends, and not at social events. The artist does not regret that he chose the care of the family career. Today Lil Wayne is celebrating the day of the wedding.

      “Love is a feeling that arises in the heart without our knowledge. It cannot be programmed, it can’t be artificially evoked; it comes naturally.Love is the wisdom of a woman, her strength, her inspiration and purpose. This is what makes a woman happy, and the world around good and fabulous,” said Alsu microblogging published a photo from the wedding day.

      For fans of Union Alsu and Yan – an example to follow. They admire the fact that she was a very wise woman who brilliantly copes with the role of mother and wife, and continues to delight fans with new songs.

      “You make a lovely couple! Always in your relationship and feel the thrill of love! It’s so wonderful. I congratulate You heartily,”, “Alsu, your family are children! You are so beautiful and your kids are not only beautiful, but also happy in your family”, “You are my idol since childhood! The most feminine, gentle, beautiful! Wish you happiness and many years together!” – sent its sincere congratulations to the devoted admirers of the singer.

      I must say that some fans were upset due to the fact that Alsu became less to appear in public. Rumors that husband had insisted on her termination of concert activity. Then Alsu hastened to assure his fans that all is not as detractors claim. “Ian plays piano and great knowledge of music. He’s my chief Advisor, who supports me in everything. And, of course, the husband never forbade me to sing on stage. Yes, I have abandoned the tour, but it’s my decision. And corporate events with me and before marriage. I made exceptions only at the request of the Pope and friends”, – said the singer in an interview.

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