Вячеслав Жеребкин в четвертый раз стал отцом The soloist of group “on-On” son was born. Vyacheslav Zherebkin rushed to his wife in the hospital after the concert. The boy was born weighing more than four kilograms and a height 53 cm.

      Вячеслав Жеребкин в четвертый раз стал отцом

      The majority of soloists of group “on-On” children have grown up, and Zherebkina have adult son and daughter. However, that in October 2014 the family of the actor has another child, daughter Lisa, and now his wife Tania gave him a son, known only to a close.

      Before the birth of the heir from the children’s father was a busy schedule, so he could not accompany wife to the hospital to attend the birth. But all this time he was in touch with Tatiana.

      “I thought that son would be born on the weekend, but it all happened before, says “StarHit” singer. − I go on stage, and then I call wife! The speech could be canceled, the night was with her on the phone. Then washed hero, he’s a great friend: weight 4200 grams and growth of 53 cm.

      In the morning after work Zherebkin rushed to a favorite Veshnyakovskaya the hospital. Flowers and beads is not taken, the doctors have forbidden, because it is an allergen. “I remember when She was discharged, our midwife joked: “Well, come back in a year and a half”. Here we request fulfilled – back − laughing artist. – His son in his arms to take the not given – he in a sterile box lay. The name to select the whole family. Haven’t done much to Denis”.

      By the way, yet Zherebkin is on tour and could not fully devote themselves to the education of his son. This week the group “on-On” were in Samara at the beer festival “Oktoberfest in 2016.” The artists gave a whole bunch of cancers, a picture of which Vyacheslav has shared in his microblog. Fans began to advise him how best to cook the seafood.