Алиса Ревва принимает поздравления с девятилетием Party show Comedy Club Alexander Revva on his page on Instagram posted a photo with her older daughter touching congratulated the day of birth. Caring father confessed to loving his little girl.

      On his page in the social network star Comedy show Alexander Revva has shared a touching photo with the eldest heir of Alice. He congratulated the nine-year daughter and expressed in the caption to the picture all his fatherly love and devotion. Subscribers are joined to him.

      “My soul, my love, my angel! Happy birthday, my Alice! I’m always here! I love you madly!”, – posted by Revva.

      The followers decided not to be in the side and left a few dozen congratulatory comments under recording artist. Some drew attention to the “striking” similarities father / daughter, others admitted that the girl is very lucky to have such a fun dad. Some users of the social network drew an analogy with “Alice in Wonderland”, because Alexander does not regret neither the time nor the funds to his successor was pleased, therefore, often suits for girls surprises.

      Wife of Alexander Revva in his microblog also shared a photo of Alice and congratulated the baby happy birthday. Angelica admitted that for her, this day is very valuable, because on 24 September, nine years ago she first became a mother.

      “My angel was born! I’m a mom! Daughter, you’re my everything! Happy Birthday, love!” wrote wife Revva.

      Recall that at the moment the family Revva has two girls, the eldest is Alice and Junior Amelie, which next spring will mark four years. By the way, Alice also has its own page in Instagram, where she podpisany 100 thousand people. She leads an active lifestyle, dancing, he enjoys Golf, participating in public events. The parents do not deny yourself the pleasure to dress your daughter in stylish outfits, which have repeatedly appreciated members of the family. But one of the best gifts from the father of the family was a visit to the beyoncé concert, which Alice likes very much.