Вячеслав Гришечкин не стирает номер покойной жены из телефона The actor looked into the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Vyacheslav told the TV host about how his dad left, raising Grishechkina were engaged in grandfather. The artist left the first wife for another woman who fell in love at first sight. But serious illness has ruined family happiness.
Вячеслав Гришечкин не стирает номер покойной жены из телефона

Vyacheslav Grishechkin became famous after roles in the TV series “Soldiers”, “Undina”, “Margo”. The actor actively acts on the stage. Despite a successful career and love of the audience, he still cannot come to terms with the loss of his beloved wife Anna. The beloved actor died of cancer, and this actually happened for several months…

In the Studio of “the Destiny of man” Grishechkin also admitted that he was raised by his grandfather. The mother of the actor left her husband-a tyrant who beat her pregnant, abused alcohol and led a wild lifestyle.

“This man was a terrible despot. He was half-Georgian, half-Greek, he was somehow an exception, as Caucasian men are not. In our family situation, so to speak, was not. Dad was a strange man near. He was very pretentious, despite the fact that went to equal pants. But he was smart enough, he married a Russian, nice woman with two children. And began to live well,” said the actor.
Вячеслав Гришечкин не стирает номер покойной жены из телефона

Mom took Grishechkina Vyacheslav and his brother from the father-tyrant. The woman moved from Sochi to Moscow, where the education of the sons took up the grandfather. The memories of the future artist, he tried to establish a relationship with his father when he was 19 years old, but the biological dad flatly refused to communicate with his son.

He Vyacheslav Grishechkin has been married twice. The first wife of the actor was Maria. In this Union from the artist’s daughter, Olga. However, after five years of marriage Vyacheslav fell in love with another woman – Anna. The actor once said lawful wife, he could no longer live with her.

“Of course, was mutual tears. Not without it. We discussed, then it should have been. I couldn’t fight the love. How to deal with this? Then to think of her living in some certain limits,” said Grishechkin. In the end Vyacheslav divorced with the first wife, but kept a friendly attitude. Daughter Olga courageously took the divorce of her parents and not hold a grudge against a famous father.

Вячеслав Гришечкин не стирает номер покойной жены из телефона“In childhood we’ve barely seen each other. Yes, it was difficult, because dad worked a lot. When my parents divorced, I was three years old. I love the Pope, we found your format of relations. Now we communicate a lot more than when I was little. I accepted the situation. We have a strange family, but we are comfortable”, – said Olga live in the same transmission.
Вячеслав Гришечкин не стирает номер покойной жены из телефона

In marriage with Anna the actor was perfectly happy. They lived together for 25 years, in time to celebrate silver wedding. “She was unique and unpredictable. Anya always wanted to be an actress, and she God himself commanded. She had perfect pitch. She was bright, unique. But again – no luck. My fault, I was a fool. Like Anya, there is no other,” shared Grishechkin.

According to the actor, beloved never complained on health. Anna was very humble and shy, when the famous husband gave her a surprise. “She was sick, but he kept secret in himself. Anya scolded me: “Why did you buy me jewelry?!”But she is very respectful of the gifts,” recalled the artist.
Actor sincerely told that the cancer rapidly took his beloved. But Anna kept to the last, she, anticipating the imminent departure, arranged family dinners, inviting friends.

“She left very quickly. Fell asleep in the ICU and never woke up. A year we struggled. When she got sick, nothing changed. It is so tough person, just like her mother. I knew that there are problems, very serious, we tried, but failed,” – said Vyacheslav.

The actor admitted that part of reproaches himself for the death of his beloved wife. Before leaving Anna they wanted to get married, but did not.

Grishechkin with tears in their eyes recalled the last meeting with his wife.

“I can’t say that she didn’t care, she internally felt. I think a person feels like all living organisms. She didn’t want to burden anyone with anything. I kissed her in intensive care and left, I had a concert in the evening. I went out after the show, I got a call from the hospital and said, Ani is no more,” said the actor.

The actor said that after the death of his wife, he even had thoughts of suicide. However, they are close. smelling a rat, he told the man: “How can you do is to decide? You have a daughter, mother, brother!»

At the end of the program Vyacheslav Grishechkin said that he placed portraits of his beloved wife around the house. The actor still does not remove her number from your mobile phone. The artist had never used a computer, but have retained it because Anna worked for him.