Супруга Артема Ткаченко негодует из-за его прошлого The star of the series “the Red Queen” decided on a candid conversation about his personal life. Artem Tkachenko admitted that his wife Ekaterina Steblina not happy with his previous relationship. Marriage with a colleague on the shop floor was for men the third.
Супруга Артема Ткаченко негодует из-за его прошлого

Artem Tkachenko, and Vasily Livanov, Alexey Kolgan and Nina Dvorzhetskaya became heroes of the new edition of “One day” which will be shown on NTV on Saturday, January 27. In the broadcast of the most famous Sherlock Holmes Russian TV will share memories of his father and will tell an emotional story of enrolling in drama school. Colgan and his wife Dvorzhetskaya tells you about its history, relations and also reveals the secret of harmony in the marriage.

His “One day,” says 35-year-old Artem Tkachenko with his wife Catherine Stabling. The wedding of stars of theatre and cinema, which was attended by Alexander Revva, Pavel Derevyanko and soloist Tesla Boy Anton Sevidov took place in August last year. Behind Tkachenko two marriages with RAVENOL Kursovoy and model Eugenia Krapovickas. As it turned out, Steblina not happy with last spouse.

“I think she [Ekaterina Steblina] don’t even have a clue who I am. She actually was not familiar with me nor with any of my work, nor the more my personal life – said Artem reporters. – Of course, she doesn’t really like that she’s married to a man who was already married twice. I personally don’t really like. I understand it completely, one hundred percent. And I wouldn’t want to she was to me married three times or two times”.

Introducing young people took place at the festival “Kinotavr”. Catherine admitted that fell in love with him at first sight. Steblina as if had a premonition that I would marry him and give his son Stepan, who was born in November 2016.

“Meeting Artem, I realized that it was my man and want his baby. Don’t know, but felt. And just two weeks after meeting said, “I will bear you children. You’ll be my husband.” He was like, “um, okay”. I said, “Yes, I see.” Since our first meeting I became very active, sending these signals into space. And actually in the ears of Artem too… I asked: “How do you want children? And who do you want, a boy or a girl? And if you’re still getting married someday?”open up darling Tkachenko.

Viewers will see videos taken at the wedding of Ekaterina and Artem. The star of the movie “swordsman” also will tell about the attitude to the native land – the city of Kaliningrad and the Baltic sea, explain their understanding of happiness, but also recognizes, considers why it is important to attend childbirth.