Волочкова поделилась фото без накладных ресниц и макияжа

Ballerina is so passionate about the new play that anything else can not think.

This week Nastya is not herself. Waking up with the dawn, don’t go to parties. All the time apart from rehearsals, holds on its veranda. Fans wondered if the love she was forced to change the way of life. It turned out, a new play!

Text Volochkova had to learn in the shortest possible time, so that even the makeup lover rhinestones and studs completely forgotten. But the photo for Instagram – scheduled. Not long ago we saw Volochkova so tender: no false eyelashes and colorful eyebrows.

“Such a natural and cute, keep it up”, “Stay like this”, “Well, you can, when will want” – threw the subscribers compliments Volochkova.

Star reviews while left unattended, like all issues about the new work in the theatre. It is only known that to work on performance it will have with Ilya Sokolovsky and Alexander Shavrina.

“Wake up so early I don’t tend to. This is only possible when there is obsessed with a new job and new take-off!” – happy Volochkova change.

Recall, this is not the first experience of Nastya as a dramatic actress. A few months ago she was involved in the play “a man Came to the woman.” However, the relationship ballerina with Director Joseph Raihelgauz soon disintegrated, and due to internal reticence he suspended its participation in the production.