Волочкова возит на шее 228 сапфиров

The dancer travels the country with a precious necklace worth several million.

Now Anastasia can not be afraid of the machinations of the envious. The ballerina from the evil eye protect necklace 385 natural stones, and even with her own portrait.

Nastia is definitely one of the bravest women of our show-business. Rare star will allow myself to wear a dress without underwear or to drive across the country with a decoration worth millions. Volochkova does both.

Recently, the Russian jewelers made Nastya a truly Royal gift – a necklace of sapphires and ametrine with her own portrait! Of course, the dancer could not resist and boasted a jewel in social networks.

“Imagine, for the manufacture of this necklace it took six months. Necklace with my face on made of sapphires and ametrine, which change in different light. All stones in this 385. These stones protect from evil and conducive to creative longevity. My gratitude has no limits,” wrote Anastasia.

Fans immediately demanded, as they say, to showmanship, and Volochkova has published a photo, which appeared in all its glory: deep neckline and a scattering of stones on his chest.

Fans have salakavala: “Superkalle! On your neck very chic”.

However, some subscribers Nastya warn. Jewel obviously insanely expensive, especially now, because in a crisis the price of gold and the stones went up, and this decoration is clearly worth a few million – and maybe not even…

Nastia would be better to hide it and act like Alla Pugacheva, who wears such luxury only for holidays. For example, on the 45th anniversary of his daughter Christina Aguilera Diva wore a necklace of diamonds for $ 2 million.

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