Летучая устроила девичник в номере за 600 тысяч в сутки

37-year-old TV presenter said goodbye to bachelor life in the presidential Suite of the Lotte hotel.

This event is a multi-million crowd of fans of the show Revizorro ” waited more than a month. And voila! It’s a start. Today, August 16, it became known that the star presenter of the popular programme celebrated your bachelorette party.

The party was just the closest. The majority of my friends, incidentally, had no relation to show business. And of course, the atmosphere of secrecy. The bachelorette party only knew the participants and the people providing assistance in the organization.

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Rumor has it that the party cost a pretty penny Flying. The bachelorette party was held in the presidential Suite of the Lotte hotel, writes StarHit”. The cost of the apartment, as you can guess, it’s just mind-boggling – 600 thousand rubles per day!

A proposal of marriage from businessman Yuri Anashenkov Elena Volatile, recall, received February 14, 2016 Valentine’s Day. Telediva, of course, said “Yes!” but with the marriage decided to hold off, citing the workload at work. And now the time has come: at the beginning of summer the media personality told fans and reporters that the wedding be in the near future!

“Of course, my wedding will be without compensation and pies. For me, my future husband and our parents. We want to keep it, so let’s make a purely family event, closed, without cameras and journalists,” admitted telediva in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

By the way, the host has already taken care of the dress will go to the altar. The attire for the bride is from American designer Vera Wang!

“I once showed it to a friend, I fell in love at first sight. We immediately started to figure out how to get this beauty. I understand that it is virtually impossible to do. But by chance it happened that in three days the dress was brought to Moscow in one size, it just came to me. It was an incredible story. And I think that miracles happen when the skies are favorable,” said the bride.

Honeymoon from a Bat and her lover will be held on the Islands in the Indian ocean. The exact location has not been disclosed. But we imagine that the frames are no worse than those that Lena posted to his microblog in Instagram after a joint holiday with your loved ones.

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