Vladimir Zhirinovsky passed away The news of his death already came some time ago, but then it turned out to be just rumors .

Vladimir Zhirinovsky passed away And now the death of the LDPR leader has been confirmed by State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky passed away

Zhirinovsky was taken to hospital several times an artificial coma was taken out of it, trying to give the body a rest, but the disease turned out to be stronger.

According to some reports, his life was extended only because his relatives did not want to disconnect him from the artificial life support apparatus. But today, death overtook Vladimir Volfovich.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky passed awayOne can relate to Zhirinovsky in different ways, but one can say 100% that everyone knew this person and his death will not leave anyone indifferent. Today, millions will commemorate Zhirik with a kind word.

He was not just a politician – he was also a showman. It is a pity that he did not live up to the events that are happening now in Russia. He said that an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine would definitely take place back in the 90s, and at the end of last year he predicted the start of a special operation with a difference of several days.

Blessed memory!

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