Владимир Стержаков впервые заговорил о тяжелой борьбе с раком The actor dared to candid interviews. For a long time Vladimir sterjakov preferred not to publicize their diagnosis. Only in the program Andrei Malakhov, the actor said that he was diagnosed with cancer. Sterjakov has already had six surgeries.
Владимир Стержаков впервые заговорил о тяжелой борьбе с раком

The hero of the new edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” was the 58-year-old actor Vladimir sterjakov by the public after participation in the project “Taxi-Blues”, “Scavenger”, “Milkmaid of hatsapetovki” and “Two fates”. The artist first made a Frank admission. As it turned out, Vladimir courageously fighting a serious illness for which he couldn’t become the parent. The malady Sterzhakov knew only the closest, including a friend of Marat Basharov.

Vladimir admitted that he never spared myself – so he got the education. Parents told to the future actor: “be Patient!”

“I have cancer in the abdominal cavity. In fact, the word terrible. We intimidated them to a panic state. I just went through this,” shared sterjakov.
Владимир Стержаков впервые заговорил о тяжелой борьбе с раком

Colleagues men to become witnesses of his health problems. Once Vladimir asked them to call an ambulance 15 minutes after the start of the performance.

“The horror, God forbid someone get over it. You talk to the person, and then it suddenly begins to die. How so? And they say that the scene treats. No, not always”, – says Marat Basharov. The actor added that sterjakov asked him not to tell anyone about the disease. Basharov kept it secret.

Владимир Стержаков впервые заговорил о тяжелой борьбе с раком

Sterjakov admitted that he doesn’t like it when others begin to Express his sympathy. “I don’t like myself around sad faces. Maybe because all my life I play a Comedy,” the man explained. Vladimir is optimistic and ready to fight. Presenter Andrey Malakhov has noticed that earlier in interview to the program staff Vladimir told about other options.

“When it come to that terrible moment and said to me, “Oncology”… And those dreaded words – “stage four”. And the imagination works! I imagined how become a vegetable. This is incompatible with me. I will not allow my family and friends experienced inhuman discomfort. This is probably not the Christian Exodus, which I have determined for myself. But the decision was made that it would be a sleeping pill. So be honest to loved ones. Because it is unknown how long it will last, in what form,” said the actor before filming ether.
Владимир Стержаков впервые заговорил о тяжелой борьбе с раком

After a while sterjakov refused this step. “You know, it was a very painful decision. It was really accepted. My friends and their relatives left in terrible condition. I would not have gone for that,” shared the actor. Then, the artist has held a serious conversation with his sons. He told the boys about the upcoming surgery. Heirs of Vladimir behaved like adults, which gave it additional strength. The man thanked relatives for their support. “Thanks to them I started out”, – he explained.

The actor’s wife Alla also appeared in the Studio program. The wife of the actor endured information about his terrible diagnosis.

“Happened inside the concentration. I was thinking about what to do, where to call, what to look for, what doctors to go to. I didn’t dwell on thoughts that it’s scary. The first thing was – how to help,” she shared.
Владимир Стержаков впервые заговорил о тяжелой борьбе с раком

Spouse Sterzhakov gave advice to those who are faced with a similar situation. “Never panic. All diseases can be cured. You should first try to support the person. Maybe, somewhere to make a joke. Spend more time together, to go somewhere. And not to dwell on his illness,” she shared.

The sons of actor came to the shooting to support it. The eldest son of Vladimir told about how took the words of his father about a serious illness. “For me it was a shock. I couldn’t even think, turned inward and began to process this information. I had no idea what to do,” recalled Denis.