Владимир Путин сделал подарок сыну солистки группы «Стрелки» The President handed five-year old boy a book with the autograph. Little Timothy Choi now admires the gift from the head of state and dreams of someday to see him again. The child’s mother said that for their families means this meeting.

      Владимир Путин сделал подарок сыну солистки группы «Стрелки»

      The name of Timothy Tsoi learned the whole country after the broadcast of the show “the best” on “the First channel” in five years this boy can name all the capitals of the world. After a triumphant speech Tim said representatives of the Russian geographical society and was invited to a meeting in the Kremlin.

      There, Mr Putin asked gifted Muscovite: “you guess the country? Then tell me that Ouagadougou is the capital of what state?” – “Burkina Faso”, – said Choi. “And it used to be called?” – did not stop the head of state. The boy thought: “the Top of something…” “Volt! – exclaimed Vladimir Putin. – Yes! Well done!” Timothy did not scared of the meeting.

      “The son was left in awe of Vladimir Putin, – shares with “StarHit” Nastasia, the boy’s mother, ex-soloist of group “Arrows”. – Said our President a very warm hand. I asked, worried whether standing with him on stage? He looked at me in surprise: “Mom, why bother? It’s Vladimir Vladimirovich – he is reliable! Now the son wants to see Putin…”
      Владимир Путин сделал подарок сыну солистки группы «Стрелки»

      The President has decided to surprise the talented boy’s unusual gift. In late December, Vladimir Putin gave Tim the book “Russia. The most beautiful country” autographed. Members of the Russian geographical society invited the child to his headquarters, where he presented the edition. Opening it, Choi saw on the first page of the handwritten message: “to Timothy with admiration, amazement, love and wishes of happiness! Vladimir Putin”.

      “Thanks to the President for a gift – a memory for life! – Nastasia continues. The book Timothy was placed in the so-called “important wardrobe” at home, where documents are stored. Son hid my jewel, at times, gets it, opens the page with the autograph and a few minutes looking at it – admiring”.