Близкие впавшего в кому режиссера Кудряшова рассказали о его состоянии Fyodor Kudryashov will be transported from Thailand to Moscow. On vacation, he received a serious head injury when he flew jet ski. A man had two operations and was in a coma. Now Russian doctors went abroad to transport it home.

      Близкие впавшего в кому режиссера Кудряшова рассказали о его состоянии

      21 December, the Russian Director Fedor Kudryashov was seriously injured in Thailand. He was vacationing with his wife Ethel Iaspei and two children in the beach resort town of Pattaya. The man did not swim away and was in place allowed for swimming, is only 25 metres from the shore. Another camper was riding a water scooter and didn’t notice Fedor, whereby the Director has received a severe head injury. The victim barely pulled out of the water and taken to a local hospital.

      As it became known to the media, in the near future Kudryashov will return home. Today doctors medical evacuation flew to Thailand to help with the transportation Director. The man is still in a coma.

      Близкие впавшего в кому режиссера Кудряшова рассказали о его состоянии

      In the first week of Fedor survived two operations. Immediately upon arrival at the hospital, he urgently opened the skull and removed the hematoma. Surgery lasted about four hours. Even before you travel to another country the man had health insurance, but it was only enough to cover expenses for a surgery and stay in hospital for three days. The doctors have scheduled another surgery to relieve swelling of the brain. In order to pay doctors, nurses, translator and being in the hospital, friends and relatives had announced the collection of money. They said that one day in the Thai clinic is worth three thousand dollars.

      Apparently, a lot of not indifferent people have responded to the call for help. Still the man is being treated in another country. During this time friends, colleagues and relatives of Theodore urged all to continue to help with fundraising.

      “He’s still in a coma, has already survived two operations. A serious condition, but they say that positive dynamics. Huge respect to Facebook. Managed to collect some huge amount, which should be enough for the next three weeks. For further must have at least a couple of times for the same purpose the sum of: the flight to Moscow, the cure is already here, at least another surgery,” wrote his friend in the social network on New year’s eve.

      Relatives and friends thank everyone for their help. They do not doubt that in a short time Kudryashov will restore health. “My dear friends! Thank you all so much for your help and support! Thanks to your support I believe that all will end well and we can get Fedora” – wrote the Director’s wife Ethel.