Владимира Этуша выписали из больницы
95-year-old actor feels great.

Vladimir Etush

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Today Vladimir Etush was discharged from the Institute. Sklifosovsky,
where the 95-year-old actor was sent after falling from stairs of a Moscow
clinics. The doctors said that write a people’s artist in
a satisfactory condition. This information was confirmed by the Director of the theater named
Vakhtangov Kirill KROK.

We will remind, the actor was hospitalized on Monday, June 26.
The medical institutions were not Parking near the entrance, and while the wife Etush
I put the car in a remote Parking lot, the legendary actor had to climb
the stairs, where he stumbled and fell… clinic Instead of going with the injury
was in the hospital.

Later partner Etush for the performance of “benefit” Olga Tomycine reassured excited fans. “All is well with Vladimir
Abramovich! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Can sometimes get caught under his feet and then,
about that can easily catch and stumble, and even fall… But still good
it would be riding up to the clinic, not to rush to find Parking that is
of nowhere, and out of the car and reach out to someone who needs you and this
support will guarantee that you can safely climb the stairs
to visit, for example, a dentist…and so it happened… the Wife of Vladimir
Abramovich — Lena — had to remain a law-abiding citizen and look for
Parking away from the clinic, and Vladimir Abramovich in an unfamiliar staircase
tripped over the obstacle… the Result: hurt and was sent to another hospital, to
to avoid the consequences of the fall. All right, now, whole and crushed
what will replace the show in the theater…”