Крис Дженнер страдает из-за ссоры Роба Кардашьяна с Блэк Чайной

Mom upset. Kris Jenner, mother of the famous American telesemana Kardashian-Jenner suffers because of a quarrel Rob Kardashian with black Tea. She desperately tries to stop the son and ex daughter-in-law from possible nonsense. She was horrified to think about the day when her granddaughter dream Renee grows up and learns how parents curse each other, showing the world your dirty underwear.

“Chris is sick of all this drama, and it is a nightmare. She realizes that neither Rob nor black do not think about their child in an attempt to sting each other pobolney. Chris is afraid that their feud will never end and will always be the same fierce. She is trying to make contact with Rob, and with black to stop them before they do even more mistakes,” says the insider.
Recall that an angry Rob has published on his page in the social network provocative photo the mother of your child, in which she shows her intimate places. He did this knowing that China is cheating on him with another man in the house, which pays him Rob (honest to say, his mother). And this despite the fact that he gave the car to her and her mother, gives her expensive gifts, pays for costly plastic surgery and so on. Lawyer China has promised to put Rob in jail for distributing pornography, and to deprive him of parental rights.