Влад Топалов ценой здоровья спас беременную Регину Тодоренко
In the whole period of pregnancy Regina Todorenko singer and expectant father and the firstborn of the pair Vlad Topalov was always with his beloved.

Влад Топалов ценой здоровья спас беременную Регину Тодоренко

This reason suggests that the birth parents “will travel” together.

Only now Vlad is clearly not able to appreciate the full beauty of the moment, because now he only sees with one eye. Blame an unfortunate incident with fireworks that occurred during a family celebration.

In her blog, Regina has posted a picture in which the right eye Topalov rewound.

“To be a lover of pirate fun. From noticed:
left eye I seem to him much more beautiful;
– the left eye gets tired quickly in the absence of the right;
– dizzy;
– jokes about one-eyed husband is going through the roof.
And because the place @vladtopalovofficial could be me. We celebrated DR @alina_topalova so nice and sincere, but all messed up sparklers , which the wind scattered in different directions. Vladislav Mikhailovich kindly asked me to hide for him that I didn’t got the fire, and he caught the eye scale and got burned. Saved me, my hero.
Thank you”

– told Todorenko.

I hope that the eyes of Vlad will be restored as soon as possible and the more he will force the mother to worry so much.

It is worth Recalling that during a recent show Nasty Ulevoi who’s Dating singer LJ, Regina constantly “teasing” friend blogers for the fact that the guy Ulevoi not see it.

Now the “evil tongues” say that Regina paid for their jokes. What are we talking about? Can see in the video: