Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота отмечают годовщину Young musicians happily married. Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota exactly a year ago became husband and wife. Artists do not get tired to show their love, and the fans admire their relationship.

      Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота отмечают годовщину

      Young performers Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota a year ago has registered their relationship. Graduates “Factories of stars-7” third of June celebrating the first anniversary of a joint life – calico wedding.

      “The happiest and coolest year of my life! Thank you for every moment that we are together! Baby, we stand even as the hammer and sickle, but the Soviet Union wasn’t better combination. Do,” Sokolowski wrote in a microblog, having published joint with the wife photo.

      Rita Dakota, in turn, also told fans that she is infinitely happy in marriage with her husband, and believes that this year was the best in her life. She also confessed to touching the love of Sokolov. Fans once again marveled at the strength of family life of young musicians and congratulated the couple with a wedding anniversary.

      “Big congratulations to you lovely couple. Live together for another 100 years, love each other 100% and most importantly – trust your entire life”, “Wow! As the time flew by quickly. Love each other and be for each other. Love will save the world”, “calico wedding With you! Mutual love and respect for years to come!” – addressed kind words Rita and Vlad

      During the year Sokolovsky admitted that he and his wife get along well. Between them rarely flare up scandals, despite the complex nature of his wife. Vlad loves his chosen one, but because he rarely have to it any claims. The young actor believes that the basis of harmonious relations is mutual understanding. The musicians first met when they were 16-17 years old. Their relationship over time have built themselves. And the wedding day was for Vlad and Rita’s one of the most memorable moments in life.

      Vlad Sokolovsky afraid to contradict his wife

      “10 minutes and I will see her in a wedding dress! Honestly, I look out the car window and realize that it’s not a dream and not daydreaming about the future. It’s today! Did you have an event to celebrate one day with his parents, who 25 years ago got married. It was the third of June, the Pope was exactly 23 years, like me! Dad, took the baton”, – Sokolovsky wrote on Instagram exactly one year ago.

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