Влад Кадони поскандалил с «Битвой экстрасенсов» After the MAG has compared the program with the “House-2”, the organizers of the project reacted strongly to his statement on the social network. Vlad Kadono decided that he was nasty and rude. The conflict received a new turn.

      Last weekend, viewers of channel TNT was evaluated in a second series of the new season of “Battle of psychics.” At the end of the issue they were in for a surprise: the show was back witch Marilyn Kerro, previously participated in the project twice. Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      Not all viewers were glad to see the girl in the seventeenth season of the show. TV presenter Vlad Kadoni, which faces the competition of the strongest mages could not leave without attention to this turn of events. Occult practices that took part in the sixth and eleventh seasons of the project, noted that viewers will have no interest to watch the battle as it was like “Dom-2”.

      Kadono put themselves in a social network. Some time later, he responded to the people who handle the official account of “the battle of psychics.” In the comments they wrote, which is very strange to see such a statement from a man who twice failed to win a trophy. Parapsychologist could not control his emotions and has published a recording in which he accused the editor of the program in rudeness.

      “My world will never be the same. The professional version, which I treated with deep respect, found it possible to get nasty and reply to my message style “And you?”. The lack of arguments and go to the person killed the hope in me for proper exit from the crisis.” I hope sincerely that “barking dogs” applies only to my opinion, but not to all the viewers who thinks the same way as I do. In addition, I note that the caravan can and is, but one of the camels clearly stopped to spit in the dog,” said Kadono.

      However, Vlad decided that further discussion on this issue, he should not be, and such rudeness he is ready to forgive. Many fans of the presenter share his point of view.

      “Vlad, I completely agree with your opinion, I can not understand, why Marilyn is back” “Here, never doubt the intelligence and tact Kadono! So nice to give it failed only he could! Love it! All and all in places”, “battle of the psychics” is not so interesting. Kadono among other things a very strong party!”, wrote the followers of occult practice.

      We will remind that Vlad Kadoni couldn’t become the winner of “Battle of psychics”, although twice fought for the main prize. In 2009, the MAG came on the reality show “Dom-2”, which immediately won him a scandalous reputation. During your stay on telestroke Vlad actively communicated with Margarita Agibalova and even had an affair with Inna Volovicheva. Recently, the parapsychologist stopped giving advice to those in need of magical assistance. “I’m closing the appointment. At the moment I have decided to leave public practice of the occult Sciences. I’m not out of esoteric, but turn to the stage of using it exclusively for personal purposes,” explained the man about a year ago.