Постельное фото Влада Топалова с женой попало в Интернет In the picture by gently embracing his beloved. This week Vlad Topalov and his wife, the daughter of a millionaire Xenia Danilin, celebrate the first anniversary of family life. The couple do not hide the happiness.

      Recently Vlad Topalov became a family man. To the disappointment of many fans, the artist has chosen the heart of a lady. The beloved singer was the daughter of a Russian millionaire Xenia Danilina.

      This week the pair will celebrate the first anniversary of marriage. The couple are happy and don’t hide positive emotions. On his page on “Instagrame” Vlad often shares details of family life with the beloved. In the Network appeared even bed photo pair, where the couple Express to each other tender feelings.

      “Here this morning! Having sweet dreams baby! Until you Wake up. Good morning, – wrote under the Topalov.

      “Vlad Topalov, good morning and good mood to you, likewise, my dear friend,” “how pretty you are, guys”, “Pretty woman your wife”, “Good day to You! Lovely couple,” commented a photo of the followers of the artist.

      We will remind, during cohabitation Topalov and his wife are trying to cope with a serious problem that caught the family by surprise. She complained in one interview that her husband did not share her love of a pet.

      “My dogs were a serious trial for us. The fact that the boy’s complicated relationship with animals, and I have 12 years of volunteer dog is a part of me. I accept his way of life with tours, concerts – and please accept mine with my dogs. While friendship does not consist in them” – disappointedly said Xenia.

      Vlad Topalov is ready to birth of first child

      It turns out that the singer is experiencing negative feelings to the dogs since childhood. Vlad is struggling to cope with him, however, he understands that in family life we have to reckon with the interests of the second half. So Topalov is trying to love four-legged friends of Xenia. In the end, the relationship with his wife is more important to him, and to the circumstances and can adapt.

      “You see, all my life I couldn’t stand the miniature dogs and now the two dog live with us. It’s the same as if your loved one is bred snakes, and they crawled through the apartment. I am a grown man, the personality, and it’s hard for me so take and love them overnight but I’m working on it,” said Vlad in an interview with reporters.