Visitors to the suburban supermarket was faced with Eva green

Посетители подмосковного супермаркета столкнулись с Евой Грин
The Hollywood star was photographed shopping in the store.

Посетители подмосковного супермаркета столкнулись с Евой Грин

Eva green in the suburban supermarket

Photo: Social Networks

Recently visitors to the suburban supermarket was waiting for a big surprise. Among the buyers was noticed by Hollywood beauty — Eva green. The actress was dressed in nondescript casual attire, but, despite this, was still recognizable. A few people did with Eva the memory and published the footage on social networks. So it became known that the French actress already lived in Star city near Moscow.

Green, to the chagrin of the Russian fans who moved to the suburbs for permanent residence. Recently, the 37-year-old Eva began shooting the movie “Proxima” by French Director Alice Vinokur. Eve got the role of the astronaut in the story are trained to fly to the International space station. Colleague green for filming was the actor Matt Dillon, who also came with green in Russia.

Eva green and Matt Dillon

Photo: Social networks

By the way, the reaction of users to the appearance of green in the supermarket were pretty funny. Many use this topic for jokes. “I’ll go out to the store and check, suddenly there is a pitt or Clooney potatoes choose”, “you Never know what you might find in a rural supermarket. Girls, out of the house now go out only with the full dress”, “Pity does not say that eve bought. Maybe the best action, and we don’t know?” — joke of the Network users.