Лоза и Садальский отрицательно отозвались о «Евровидении» в Киеве
Actor Stanislav Sadalsky and singer, composer Yuri Loza expressed his opinion about the participation in “Eurovision-2017” Yulia Samoilova.

Лоза и Садальский отрицательно отозвались о «Евровидении» в Киеве

Most celebrities and fans endorsed this choice and supported the participant from Russia. But there are also those who don’t like the candidate.

Yuri Loza said the following: “yesterday I called ten times about our participants on the Eurovision song contest, asking the same questions: if I approve this choice, and what are our chances of winning. Even though I’m tired of repeating the same thing, you will have to repeat: it does not matter who to send, the main thing that went to the artist room, entirely made in Russia and sung in Russian… again bought the banal terse English pesnichka (this time the Israelis) going to explain to Europe that we ourselves are capable of nothing, and no of their culture we have”.

Лоза и Садальский отрицательно отозвались о «Евровидении» в Киеве

Also disagree with this choice and Stanislav Sadalsky: “buranovskiye grandmothers put up,now the singer with the features. Know, say, our that can always pay off the elderly and disabled. Select the First channel in favor of Yulia Samoilova in the realities of the present day can only be described in one word – brilliant”.

We support the girl and wish you success in the contest.

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