Aliya Mustafina decided to sell the “Olympic” car

Алия Мустафина решила выставить на продажу "олимпийский" автомобиль
In August 2016, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Olympic champion, Aliya Mustafina was awarded a beautiful white car.

Алия Мустафина решила выставить на продажу "олимпийский" автомобиль

Car skater received for prize-winning places at the Olympics, which was held in Rio de Janeiro. But now alia has published information about the sale of the car.

“Friends, sell my car. BMW X6 xDrive35i. Was donated for Olympic gold in August 2016, exclusive model. In excellent condition, treated with care, went gently, honestly. The car is great, very lucky one who will get it. I do not want to part with it, but it happens,” wrote the athlete on his personal page in the social network.

Fans responded to this post is ambiguous. Someone was puzzled by this decision Aliya Mustafina, but some members supported it: “what to do if a person urgently need money or a car too expensive to maintain”.

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