Лоза и Садальский жестко высказались о «Евровидении» в Киеве Celebrities don’t endorse a musical contest. Earlier it became known that the competition Russia will be represented by a graduate of the TV project “Factor A” Julia Samoilov. The decision of the Committee was perceived by many ambiguously.

      Лоза и Садальский жестко высказались о «Евровидении» в Киеве

      Over the weekend it was announced the name of the participant “Eurovision-2017”, which will be held in Kyiv this spring. A contestant from Russia was Yulia Samoylova, previously demonstrated their vocal abilities on the project “Factor A”. Many celebrities supported the girl, which was chosen by the leadership of the First channel for a trip to a musical competition. On “the Eurovision” Russia will be represented by the favorite of Alla Pugacheva

      With 13 years Samoylova confined to a wheelchair, but thanks to the help of doctors, some health problems, she managed to solve it. The actress told “StarHit” that recently had surgery, so now can not be afraid of strangulation.

      Star came to the defense of participants of “Eurovision” Yulia Samoilova

      Netizens wrote words of support to Yulia. Singer Anita Tsoy has declared that in this situation, the disability is not a defect but an advantage. The actress wished good luck to the graduate of the “Factor A” on the competition. However some celebrities decided that Russia should not have to re-choose an English song for a room at the “Eurovision”.

      “Yesterday I called ten times about our participants on the Eurovision song contest, asking the same questions: if I approve this choice, and what are our chances of winning. Even though I’m tired of repeating the same thing, you will have to repeat: it does not matter who to send, the main thing that went to the artist room, entirely made in Russia and sung in Russian… again bought the banal terse English pesnichka (this time the Israelis) going to explain to Europe that we ourselves are capable of nothing, and no of their culture we have,” – expressed its position Yuri Loza.

      According to the composer, Russia had a great chance to request the organizers “of this rotten show” back to the original contest rules. Under these provisions, all the artists sang songs in their native languages.

      Another artist, Stanislav Sadalsky, known for a great sense of humor and ability to make criticisms, said that the nomination Samoilova for the contest – a special marketing ploy.

      “Buranovskiye grandmothers put up,now the singer with the features. Know, say, our that can always pay off the elderly and disabled. Select the First channel in favor of Yulia Samoilova in the realities of the present day can only be described in one word – brilliant” – wrote the actor on Twitter.

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      After the announcement of results Yulia Samoilova could not hide joyful emotions. “I’m happy, it was the dream of my life, I pretty much said in interviews that seek it to “Eurovision”, – said the artist “StarHit”. And I’m so glad it’s finally going to happen. Talk about the fact that maybe I will be able to represent our country at this competition went even with my speech at the opening of the Paralympic games in Sochi. Many noted my emotions, my execution. Then began to consider that maybe I get the chance to go to Eurovision. I immediately liked the song I will sing”.