Эксперты выдвинули новую версию причины крушения Ту-154 According to experts familiar with the details of the investigation into the crash, which occurred on December 25, 2016, the aircraft did not fall into the open sea, but simply isn’t on the water. According to sources, the Ministry of defense try to explain this behavior of the first pilot in an emergency situation, and examine his medical records.

      Эксперты выдвинули новую версию причины крушения Ту-154

      Professionals who are familiar with the details of the investigation of the tragedy with Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, proizoshedshie 25 Dec 2016, said that the pilot might incorrectly behave during the flight, which provoked the fall of the aircraft. According to experts, the ship sat on the water in controlled flight under the control of the commander of the crew of Roman Volkov. Became known the cause of the crash of Tu-154

      According to the testimony of the flight recorders was difficult to determine what exactly caused the fall of the Tu-154, as the tape drive mechanism of a “black box” was damaged. When MACK stepped in to repair and fix the device, they managed to create a 3D model of the last flight of the liner.

      According to videoconstructid, after takeoff, the crew did not make any mistakes. However, after some time, according to sources familiar with the situation, the novel the wolves actually turned the car in the Seating mode. For modeling, the liner was reduced in a controlled flight under the control of the commander. Reportedly, at the moment employees of the Ministry of defense trying to figure out the results of passing a man psychological tests.

      As noted by experts, the cause of the tragedy could be disorientation of the pilot in space. According to their information, the commander did not control the visual position of the machine, because I didn’t see any landmarks, and even the horizon. In that situation he had to rely on the readings.

      Considering all factors, the experts involved in the investigation of the crash of Tu-154 raised from the archives of the entire professional biography Volkova and once again checked his training. However, the commander of the crew was 4,000 flying hours, so it is unlikely that the tragedy was only his fault. According to experts, came several factors: fatigue of staff and the emotional tension of the pilots and flight delays to Syria.

      According to sources, “Kommersant”, the experts withdrew in hospitals all the documents of Roman Volkov, as well as the results of his psychological tests, which will be carefully studied.

      By the way, the defense Ministry has excluded the version about possible pilot error. All statements of the Department it was noted that the crew was experienced and always perfectly coped with the duties.