VIN Diesel will respond in court for non-payment of the fee

Вин Дизель ответит в суде за неуплату гонорара

A former producer of Hollywood actor VIN Diesel were going to return not paid his fees through the courts. In its lawsuit, George Zakk claims that a former partner with whom they have collaborated since 1995, simply “threw” him for money.

George claims that he and Diesel had a deal – the actor pays the Zakk part of his pay for every shot the film. The producer was going to get from 250 to 275 thousand dollars for “the Chronicles of Riddick”, “xxx” and other movies, but has not received a dime.
Zakk ceased to cooperate with the production center of the diesel’s One Race Films back in 2007, but said that once his cause lives on (sequel to “xxx” will be released next year), he deserves the continued payment of the fee. The lawsuit accuses George VIN Diesel in breach of contract and demands compensation, and guarantee further payments. Representatives of the actor did not comment on the lawsuit, word rests with the judge.

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