Виктория Толстоганова стала женой полицейского
On NTV there is a new interesting project with the actress.

Виктория Толстоганова стала женой полицейского

Victoria Tolstoganova

The suburbs finished shooting the action-drama
“COP’s wife” directed by Alexander Soloviev (“the Temple”, “Rings
the world”). The main roles are played by the winner of the prize “Golden
eagle” Victoria Tolstoganova (“Lily of the valley silver”, “Storm the gates”,
“On the nameless height”) and honored artist of Russia
Vitaly Kishchenko (“Exile”, “Executioner”, “Method”). Also in the picture
involved young actress lukeria Ilyashenko (“the Sweet life”).

Walecka (Victoria Tolstoganova) — happy housewife, a fully
dedicated to children and the beloved wife of Victor (Vitaly Kishchenko),
police major.
But what if she has to learn that her husband is not who
he says he is? Illicit Affairs and a double life to see the true face
loved one Lera helps the young operative Gleb Meanings.
The long-term marriage suddenly collapses. Now they have
to decide whether they are ready to be a family and can stand together against
gang group — friends from a past life Victor.

every day Pavel Semenovich Lungin offers to make a movie where he will be
producer. I love him very much and respect, so
it was very hard. Besides, I was attracted to the script because
it’s not just some kind of police story, this is drama,
a story about human relationships. Most interesting during the filming
become heroes, which embodied actors. Their internal
relations, how they changed and interacted with each other”, — shared his impression about the project Alexander Soloviev.