Виктор Раков рассказал о предательстве любимой женщины People’s artist acquired a new quality after the divorce. Viktor Rakov admitted that for a long time was in illusions, which to him then was very hard to say goodbye. Time will put everything in its place.

      Виктор Раков рассказал о предательстве любимой женщины

      Viktor Rakov is one of the few Russian actors who can be called a true family man. In marriage with his wife Lyudmila, the actor of theatre and cinema is already more than twenty years. The couple has two children – a daughter, Anastasia, and son Danilo. Also from Victor is the eldest son from his first marriage – Boris.

      Family life with classmate Olga Illinoi at Rakov did not happen. Being by nature a loyal person, the actor was very upset after learning that fiancee fell in love with another. After the divorce he spent a long time did not enter into a serious relationship with a fair sex.

      “It was very difficult to part with these locks, the illusion in which I dwelt. People suddenly began to change before my eyes. This happened for some time. And the world began to change. And it is very difficult with their dreams and illusions to give up. Nevertheless, it happened, and I am, at some point, more stringent, somewhere cynical in regards to the opposite sex,” admitted Crayfish in the program “Alone with all”.

      Fortunately, Victor was able to find a soul mate. Wife Lyudmila adores her husband and calls a family life with him a real treat. After the birth of her daughter Anastasia, the couple married and were married. When she was eighteen, the family had a son Daniel.

      “We really wanted another baby. For a long time wanted, because we are not very old. “Live for yourself. Why would you baby?” – told us. Not really understood what it means to live for yourself. To travel abroad, or what? Rest? Yes, we are not so tired. Children really grow fast. And then God gave us Danny,” said Victor.

      In recognition of the actor, in the beginning it was difficult, and then he and his wife got involved, and everything was fine. “Some marry young and they say: “I feel young”. They’re probably in the mirror do not look. And when a small child, there really feel young. Necessary”, – said people’s artist.

      Daniel surprised the Pope artistry. Victor watches her son, which may, for example, to reason from a person of some character. The actor did not rule out that the heir would follow in his footsteps. Now the boy goes to music school, engaged in water Polo, and is likely to enroll in College theater.

      It is interesting that the daughter Anastasia Rakova chosen profession, far from acting. The girl is preparing for the graduation. Besides, she already managed to marry fairly early on that not particularly inspired famous father. “It could be worse”, – he stated, laughing.

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