Cher unveiled the will

Шер обнародовала завещание 70-year-old singer believes that she could live a few months. That’s why she’s already thinking about who to leave money and property which she acquired over the years of successful career. Heirs will be the two sons of the star and its sister.

      Шер обнародовала завещание

      Legendary singer cher may 20, celebrated its 70th anniversary. After this anniversary, according to insiders, the star began to fear death and even to anticipate that the end is close.

      For many years of music career, cher became the owner of several houses and the owner of a multimillion-dollar state. After the death of the singer 305 million will go to her adult children, sister and other loved ones. Sons cher Elijah blue, Olmen and Chaz Bono will receive the house. Luxurious mansion in Beverly hills will pass by inheritance to the sister of the singer. At the moment, along with pop star lives with her 89-year-old mother, whom cher has transported to itself after Georgia Holt was in the hospital on Christmas eve.

      “Cher knows that her life is coming to an end. She now wants to resolve all differences and to have time to deal with the legacy”, said insiders.

      According to foreign publications, cher double-chickenpox herpes virus, Epstein – Barr: in the 1980-ies and in 2014. for the second time a disease struck the buds of the star. The woman had to carry with a compact device for monitoring heart function, and also to visit doctors regularly.

      “Viral infection, which she contracted scared everyone. The fact that she punched in the kidneys and other internal organs. Cher was afraid to look,” wrote foreign journals, posting pictures of emaciated dehydrated face of the performer.

      Because of this disease even cher had to abandon part of the world tour Dressed to Kill, organized in support of her twenty fifth Studio album Closer to the Truth. According to entourage star, at the moment, the singer takes a lot of pills to her condition not worsened.

      “Nothing like this has ever happened. I cannot atone for my fans who have already purchased tickets. I was so proud of this show and wanted to show it to you. This is the best I have ever done. I sincerely hope that early next year we will be able to continue,” said the singer, explaining the cancellation of the tour.

      After the death of Sher two luxury houses will go to the sons, despite the fact that the family is not just a disagreement.

      “I would like to apologize to their children because they have a mother who’s head was involved in his career,” said star.

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