Виктор Батурин собирается судиться с сестрой The representative of the businessman told about the filed lawsuit. According to the liquidator Baturin, Elena got 25% of shares of “INTECO” on a verbal agreement, therefore his client has a chance to qualify for billions for this share.
Виктор Батурин собирается судиться с сестрой

In January 2016, Viktor Baturin was released from prison where he was serving a sentence on charges of fraud. According to investigators, she was trying to get several billion rubles from the company “Inteko” for fake bills. The man was imprisoned for two years and was released on parole, pay a fine of 300 thousand.

After the will Buchanan was able to reconcile with his ex-wife Yana Rudkovskaya, however, his relationship with sister Helen remained tense. Besides, as we learned from the financial Manager Baturina, Erentsena Manjieva, a man accuses a relative in conferring a 25 percent stake in the company “Inteko”. Presumably, the next meeting will be held July 31 in the Arbitration court of the Republic of Kalmykia.

Battle for billions began when Victor was declared bankrupt. His property should be sold through the court.

“When I took power, Buchanan has provided me with all available documentation about his business. Among other documents, I received a contract which, apparently, Buchanan and his sister signed in 2008. This paper interested me, because from this document it follows that Baturina Elena recognizes the existence before Victor Nikolaevich debt in the amount of the market value of 25 % of shares of “INTECO”. I have repeatedly appealed to the court on how to conduct appropriate handwriting and technical-criminalistic research of this document,” said Manjeev.
Виктор Батурин собирается судиться с сестрой

According to the representative of Baturin, he was able to organize the examination, despite the fact that the representatives Eleny Nikolaevny opposed. Experts agreed that the signature really belongs to a businesswoman.

“She explained to me that no documents had neither in the original nor copies are not available. It turns out that Elena is actually free received these shares? Since the written agreements of purchase and sale and donation no, I suspect that the contract was oral. And that is the basis of this formula, I for the benefit of creditors asked the court to invalidate an oral contract for the sale of 25% of the shares and the obligation Baturina to return the 25% of the shares of Baturin Viktor Nikolaevich,” said financial Manager.
Виктор Батурин собирается судиться с сестрой

According Manzheeva, 25% of shares of “INTECO” are about 13.8 billion rubles. Baturina claimed that in 2001, Viktor was not even sold, and transferred this share. Amazing however, the Manager thought the fact that in 2002, Baturin was 1% of the shares.

Besides, in June, Elena opened another criminal case against unidentified persons. According to the statement, they are accused of attempted fraud. “They sent the claim Baturina Elena Nikolaevna of debt repayment my client and conducted a review of the contract between the brother and sister Baturin in Arbitration court of the Republic of Kalmykia”, – said Manjeev in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The Manager assumes that people Eleny Nikolaevny wanted to bring him to justice. Itself the wife of Yuri Luzhkov did not know anything about the lawsuit of Victor Baturin.

“I don’t even know what to say. It is beyond good and evil. If sued, then we will sue,” – said Elena.