Анна Михайловская раскрыла секрет красоты
The actress answered the most popular questions fans.

Anna Mikhailovskaya

Photo: Instagram

Anna Mikhailovskaya revealed one of her girlish
secrets. The actress was not once asked about her long thick eyelashes. Groupies
I was interested in that star of a Captain makes in order for her expressive eyes
attracted everyone’s attention. It turned out, Anne fell in love with the lamination process of the eyelashes.

“You have often asked me the question: do I have your
eyelashes and how I care for them, — confessed the actress. — Reveal the secret. Eyelashes
I have my own! But yesterday I did the lamination, and I love it!
not only long, they are curled and black. Now you don’t
to use mascara”.

The latter is particularly important for the actress, after all
she tries to make use of makeup to a reasonable minimum. “Before
used the creams of famous brands, and after giving birth, moved on to cream,
it is not allergenic, — said Anna in an interview with the magazine “7 days”. In
real life use a minimum of makeup: mascara, blush and hygienic
lipstick. Even for the skin buy drug vitamin C actually feel
as skin says thank you. Love the patches for the skin care around the eyes,
saturated with caviar extract, snail mucin. To get to the beauty salons in
Moscow does not have time, but on the road or on vacation manicure-pedicure,
moisturizing masks and face massage with some aromatic oil for the body.”