ВИДЕО: Юлианна Караулова доросла до постельных сцен
The singer starred in a candid video.

released a video for new song “Broken love”, where for the first time in
throughout his musical career he decided to star in a Frank and sensual

the plot of the video is a love story of good girl to “bad
the guy”. When passion is punctuated with disappointment, relationship
inevitably end with a painful break-up. Every girl, according to
Of Julianna, must remember: you need to appreciate and never to give offense,
despite a great love.

new clip Karaulova appears even more feminine and sensual
than before. The girl herself admits to such blatant
sex scenes she had internally “grow”.

my clips were already courting, romantic. There was a clip in which I was
the image of the bride. And, as the girl decent sex scenes in the video
appeared only after the wedding, ” says Julianna. — Actually
initially, the clip was conceived by Director and Frank at the same time, and
hard, it was supposed the scene of almost domestic violence
which would show the main character as a very dangerous and bad guy. And
one of the scenes I had to hit him so that he lost consciousness.
I asked Leonid to remove a few of these episodes, reasoning that
after my previous positive and pretty “devochkoy” clips to do
is hard video is not quite right. Besides, I am against
violence in General and would feel uncomfortable acting on
the original script”.

ВИДЕО: Юлианна Караулова доросла до постельных сцен

Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: personal archive

took a small dramatic movie where the passion and frustration of living
together, — says the Director of the video Leonid Kolosovskiy. Before
The Julianna had a difficult task: to pass this shift is radically different
emotions. And she did great! For me personally, it was revealed as a
a wonderful actress. Don’t underestimate women, they can be
far far better than it seems at first glance. It’s all about her: she
bold, sensual, strong”.

With a colleague Karaulova met already at the site, before the singer selected the candidates from photographs.

was the second candidate, whose photograph was sent to me by the Director, first I
did not like. And, considering that in the video we had to play love
the first impression was important to me. Ruslan is just like me, and
life in General, he was like Justin Timberlake, my love
singer! However, it was very awkward to play scenes of passion in front of his
wife – she came with him to the shooting. But Ruslan has convinced me that
she persuaded him to take part in the casting,” says

very long wanted to work with a team Mozgi production of their video
I always liked creepy and catchy, ” says Julianna. — For me, this
the song is very special and personal. And I’m glad that the video turned out too
atmospheric, touching, without hypocrisy. Sometime in the past, releasing a complex
relationship, I became happier. Director Leonid Kolosowska managed
to accurately convey the emotions that I experienced. Perhaps never before I
was not so happy with the shooting process and the work of the whole team. By the way,
the shooting lasted for more than a day — we shot 30 hours without a break! We all
done honestly and from the heart. I hope our audience will feel it!”

Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: personal archive