Nikolay Baskov has frozen in Iceland

Николай Басков замерз в Исландии
The singer remembered details of trip to the icy country.

Николай Басков замерз в Исландии

Nikolai Baskov, Sofia Kalcheva, Vladimir Shirokov

Photo: Press service

Nikolay Baskov remembered his trip to Iceland, where they filmed
clip of the singer on the song “You are my happiness”, which was attended by the bride star
Sofia Kalcheva.

It happened in time of the presentation of the photo exhibition of the photographer
Vladimir Shirokov For Iceland. Another planet”.

“We brought Vladimir Shirokov — professional,
incidentally, the jazz singer, ” then it is well photographed, has decided to
it will be good practice. And so the skills would be lost! — shared
singer. Was November, it was very cold. All drank alcohol. And I don’t
lucky I don’t drink, so warming up with tea!”

“By the way, Nicholas was the most persistent and the least cold,
— said Shirokov. — I have never heard of a stabbing at something complained.

During the tour Vladimir not only did a photo shoot for
Nicholas and Sophie, but also captured the fantastic scenery of the icy country. These
pictures and became an occasion for the exhibition opening.

“The vast distances that we overcame every day
Reykjavik to the places where we filmed, the early climbs, freezing cold, but all
it becomes unimportant when I see the incredible beauty, icy expanses and
feel the freedom when in the distance, visible to the eye, there is no soul,” recalls

In addition Baskov and Kolcevoy to congratulate the author with opening
the exhibition came, Mitya Fomin, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Anastasia Grebenkina and other.

Anastasia Grebenkina, Mitya Fomin, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Vladimir Shirokov, Gregory Yurchenko

Photo: Press service