VIDEO: Yevgeny Mironov yelled at Mikhalkov

ВИДЕО: Евгений Миронов накричал на Михалкова
Artistic Director of the Theatre of Nations turned 50 years old.

It’s hard to believe, but Yevgeny Mironov celebrates
fiftieth anniversary. The actor made his film debut at 21 and has already played almost 50
movies. While she was filming Nikita Mikhalkov film “Burnt by the sun”, a bright fragment
from which we offer today to recall Mironov was already a real star.

After all, before this released tape of Peter Todorovsky “the Anchor, still
encore.” Mironov played in the film role of Lieutenant Vladimir Poletaev. Irina
Rozanov recalled shooting in this picture: “I then stopped Smoking, stuck
stress sweet and weighed 85
pounds. But if Peter Efimovich my figure much
pleased, very me — on the contrary… I was just afraid to look at myself in
mirror, because he saw there only the body, a lot of the body. When I first saw
his partner in the film Zhenya Mironov, grasshopper, ever wanted to leave
with pictures! Mironov says now, “Rozanov didn’t want me at all. It is not
wanted I neither see nor hear nor act with me.” And I answer: “What are you
invented? I always understood that you are absolutely acterise! I was just afraid that
will crush you with her Breasts!”

ВИДЕО: Евгений Миронов накричал на Михалкова

Yevgeny Mironov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Yevgeny Mironov mom Tamara Petrovna

Photo: Yury Feklistov

This year, Mironov another anniversary. Exactly ten years
ago, he led the Theatre of Nations and made it one of the most fashionable in Moscow.
In the beginning Eugene “sheltered” at a rate of Oleg Kudryashov from GITIS, one
of the graduates which was Julia Peresild. The actress now plays in several
productions with Director of the Theatre of Nations.

“Zhenya Mironov is amazing! I would be very
wanted to become the godfather of one of my daughters. But as he
due to the insane employment was difficult to get to Pskov, where I was baptized Anna, and
Masha, we had to abandon the idea. But he still for me is very
near and dear people. By the way, Mironov first learned about that I expect
child,” recalled Peresild.

The Mironov has no children, he never married. Family
Eugene was the theater. In this the day of his birthday I fully support his mom
Tamara Petrovna, and sister Oksana.