Video with the new girl Tarasova caused Buzova pain

Видео с новой девушкой Тарасова причинило Бузовой боль The footballer revealed with whom and in what conditions he lives. In the release of Internet transmission Amiran Sardarov Dmitry Tarasov gave a tour of his apartment. Special attention is now paid to the brunette in the pink shorts, which occasionally flashed in the frame. Presumably, she is the darling of the athlete.

      Видео с новой девушкой Тарасова причинило Бузовой боль
      Видео с новой девушкой Тарасова причинило Бузовой боль

      On the eve of the release of the Internet project Amiran Sardarov “I’m building Kotelniki”. One of the main characters of the movie dedicated to the apartments and design was Dmitry Tarasov. Famous football player invited me to his home Amiran and his partner on the filming Leroux to show a luxury apartment.

      Tarasov says he bought an apartment at his own expense. “I bought it for a very long time earned”, – explained Dmitry. Amiran and she saw the collection of balls of a football player, and large walk in closet. According to the athlete, he stopped to buy a lot of things, as most of the money uhodite on the construction of the cottage in which he wants to move in the near future.

      “I dreamed of a big house, a big family that all lived together”, – said Tarasov.
      Видео с новой девушкой Тарасова причинило Бузовой боль

      Netizens have paid attention to the girl who hit the shot during filming, in the apartment of Dmitry. Some believe that the brunette in pink shorts – Anastasia Kostenko, with which the player attributed the novel. Alleged beloved Tarasova bustled in the kitchen to feed the guests, and didn’t want to be on video. The athlete previously reported that in addition to his home there are people.

      “But I do not live alone, girl,” warned Dmitry before to let the guests in the apartment.
      Видео с новой девушкой Тарасова причинило Бузовой боль

      In the fan groups appeared collages in which people combined the old picture of Olga Buzova in the same shorts and a frame from the video with alleged new lover Tarasov. Users of social networks actively discussed girls and compared. Probably, these screens came to the stars “House-2”. According to fans, Buzova saw now lives her ex-husband in the apartment where they were once happy. The social network Olga has left ambiguous post.

      “Just saw what he did hurt me again… I Promise myself every day not to cry… I Promise myself every day to start to sleep and eat… But hasn’t… When you feel better?” – shared with fans emotions star.

      Fans of the leading reality show have supported their favorite, urging her to forget about the difficult time and to continue on the chosen path. According to many, after her divorce from footballer Olga became much more successful. Followers believe that she will find happiness.

      “Olga! No need to torture yourself! Give yourself to love again!”, “Olga, don’t worry, it will be very good, and the envious and those who deceive, it’s bad!”, “Olga, hang on, everything will be fine, you just have to get through this time of your life” – wrote the followers of the presenter.

      By the way, a little later Buzova said that Valentine’s Day she will spend without a man. “This is my first February 14th that I meet one. I find it hard to talk about love, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to experience this feeling again! But I still believe in true, pure, and mutual love, and I think that is the main thing in life – to love and be loved,” wrote Olga.