VIDEO: the terrible fall of the son of Victoria Beckham on the slopes caught on camera

ВИДЕО: страшное падение сына Виктории Бекхэм на горнолыжном спуске засняли на камеру
Brooklyn urgently admitted to the hospital.

As it became
you know, the winter ski holidays ended for 17-year-old
son of Victoria Beckham is very sad. While performing one of the stunts
snowboard, Brooklyn fell and was rushed to the hospital with acute pains.

arrived at Whistler (Canada), together with
his entire family to spend a ride on his favorite snowboard. Senior
the son of Victoria, who have long mastered this sport, and it is no longer just
slides down the slopes and perform quite complex tricks. At his request, of Brooklyn,
one of his brothers recorded them on video, and then the young man laid out
them in your microblog. Exactly what was pictured the moment of his ill-fated
fall. During one of the stunts, Brooklyn suddenly lost his balance, fell and
tumbled down the slope. When everyone saw that Brooklyn can not
to rise, it became clear that he was seriously injured.

In a nearby hospital
was delivered the son of Victoria, he took an x-ray, which
showed that he had a fracture of a clavicle with displacement. So now about skating on
the snowboard he will have to forget for a long time.

Photo: @brooklynbeckham Instagram Brooklyn Beckham

As for the other members of the family of Beckham, they continue to enjoy their holiday. Unlike Brooklyn, and his two brothers and sister and parents opted not to snowboard, and Alpine skiing. And, not surprisingly, the most inexperienced skier in this company was head of the family — David Beckham ! He admitted that he did this year for the first time got up on skis, although his children have long mastered this kind of sport. So that 14-year-old Romeo and 11-year-old Cruz was already giving him advice about the intricacies of the sport. Even the only daughter Harper Beckham, which is only 5 years old already smartly moving out from the slopes. “My favorite hottie in white!” – signed so David made them a photo of Harper, dressed in a white ski suit.