ВИДЕО: Полина Гагарина устроила мужу незабываемый сюрприз
The singer surprised a loved one with a gift.

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov cherish the romance in your married life. Spouses often try to surprise each other with nice surprises. On the eve of the singer’s husband had a birthday, which he was forced to spend at work. But, returning home in the evening, the husband of Pauline found a nice gift: for the arrival of Dmitry, the singer graced the flat white balloons that glowed in the dark.

ВИДЕО: Полина Гагарина устроила мужу незабываемый сюрприз

Photo: @Instagram isxakov Dmitry Iskhakov

“I come from the shooting (as for me, work in your Dr — good luck), and the house is a beauty! Thank you my beloved!” — said Iskhakov.

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov

Photo: Instagram.com

By the way, according to rumors, very soon Joe will get his main present for birthday. Although the couple has never officially confirmed the news about the imminent addition to the family, fans of the singer believe that they will soon become parents. Pauline becomes increasingly difficult to hide changes to the figure under a large concert clothes. Fans respect the decision of the Gagarin not to put pregnancy off. Unlike many stars, which, being in a “position”, participated in Nude photoshoots, Polina, apparently, intends to keep the mystery of the birth of the second child.