After “House-2”: how participants with severe fate was trying to start a new life

После «Дома-2»: как участники с тяжелыми судьбами пытались начать новую жизнь “StarHit” recalls how things stand now for those, whose share fell seriously tested. Many had to face problems, then try to start with a clean slate.

      После «Дома-2»: как участники с тяжелыми судьбами пытались начать новую жизнь

      To get into the “House-2” the dream of many young people. Think you should be in a Clearing, and here they are – popularity, money, happiness. In fact, it often doesn’t. Their share of fame in the “House-2” there certainly get. But it does not guarantee the cloudless future. Rather the opposite: getting used to the constant attention, the house, the former star of the television can not fit into a normal life. As a result, depression, violations of the law… and from diseases no one is immune.. so here’s how things stand at the ex-participants outside the famous Celestron faced with very serious problems.

      Victoria Karasev and Vyacheslav Dvoretskov

      While Victoria was a member of “House-2”, rare concert without its participation. Fans predicted her successful musical career. In addition, the telestroke tori met future husband – Vyacheslav Dvorackova. After leaving the project, the lovers were married. It would seem, that else to wish? Happiness destroyed unsuccessful campaign in one of capital restaurants. The pizza, which was ordered to Victoria, caught a fragment of shell mussels. Tori, not noticing, he swallowed it and almost died from a ruptured esophagus. Resuscitation, surgery, a long treatment… Karasev lost 32 pounds – dumped almost half its weight.

      Glory Dvoretskov and tori celebrated an important date

      For the rest of her life she was an invalid. All this time the Glory was beside her, supported her – including when Victoria was suing a restaurant (she has made a partial payment of damages). Recovery was slow, the tories still often suffers from severe pain. At some point there were problems in relations with Vyacheslav, the couple even went home. But then was able to deal with conflicts, and now Tory and Glory again.

      Anastasia Dashko

      После «Дома-2»: как участники с тяжелыми судьбами пытались начать новую жизнь

      Emotional blonde left the project in 2008 because of the scandal. Then with Sam Seleznev, they were the winners of the audience voting in the contest with a significant prize in Moscow. But it soon became clear that SMS in the amount of 160 thousand rubles, the girl sent myself a free mobile from sponsors. After some time on Dashko again talked about as the swindler: Anastasia cheated a large sum of money to the company that sells construction materials in Chelyabinsk. The result Dashko landed behind bars. It was assumed that she will spend in prison for three years, but for good behavior term was reduced to one and a half years. To freedom Anastasia was released in March of 2015. The girl told on a talk show, how she was scared in the colony among hundreds of angry women like been bullied because of television past.

      Anastasia Dashko was first told about what happened in prison

      “The first fear is when you’re in prison – confessed to Dashko. Is terribly scared, terribly hard. And in the colony, so all… a thousand women. Women are angry, angry, unsatisfied. Mostly drug addicts and murderers. Of course, there have been fights and scandals. Had to stand up for themselves. At first everyone wanted to stab me because I TV in the colony fell. Then I was accepted when I realized that to stand up for themselves I can.”

      But Anastasia was able to learn from the situation: became more restrained, learned to escape from conflicts. Now Nastya well: she married kickboxer Konstantin Kuleshov, and in August 2016, the couple had a son.

      Sergey Sichkar

      После «Дома-2»: как участники с тяжелыми судьбами пытались начать новую жизнь

      The sentence of court of Belarus Sergei Sichkar came as a surprise to fans of “House-2”: the project, the man was considered a “positive hero”, he was chosen “Man of the year”! And all of a sudden caught selling other people’s cars on the black market. As shown by the investigation, an ex-member of telestroke hedged friend, when he was engaged in stealing cars. Relatives of Sergey until recently, hoping for a suspended sentence because he had to pay damages to the victims. To do this, his parents even had to take a loan of two million rubles.

      But the sentence was harsh – three years of imprisonment. Sichkar landed in the colony, and his mother to repay the loan, had to sell the apartment. Despite this, son it protects and supports. Says he vowed not to let relatives and friends.

      “Serezha is feeling positive and hopes for an early release. Of course, he misses his home and family… He is serving a sentence for improved conditions – is not on production, but in a different field related to communication. But I can not speak. Good work son encouraged additional phone calls to family,” shared the mother of a former member of telestroke.

      After the liberation Sichkar dreams of becoming a TV presenter. Meantime, sends a touching letter with poems family, with his own hands makes mommy cards. Half the time Sichkar has already served, and hopes that good behavior will help him to be released early.

      Daniel Degler (Evgeny Shilov)

      После «Дома-2»: как участники с тяжелыми судьбами пытались начать новую жизнь

      If “Yandex” score “Daniel Digler”, one of the most popular options for the continuation of the phrase would be “when I died”. The diagnosis of “lymphoma of the right half of the thorax in the fourth stage” – and indeed left little chance for a successful outcome Evgeny Shilov (so actually called the man who referred to himself in the “House-2” Daniel Deparom).

      In 2012 he lived in a dormitory with my mother. And almost without funds: everything you need bought on mother retired as Eugene himself because of illness could not work. After chemotherapy, he lost a lot of weight, lost hair. Ex-reality show participant even contemplated suicide! Now Eugene is sure glad that he did not dare to take this step, because later he managed to overcome a terrible disease and return to normal life. In 2013 he got married, and two years later the family Silovyh daughter was born.

      Michael Podorov

      После «Дома-2»: как участники с тяжелыми судьбами пытались начать новую жизнь

      This young man remembered the audience of scandals with his girlfriend Hope Skorohodova. But one stood out among the other ex-participants “Houses-2” do it, and the severity of the punishment for the crime. In 2011, for trafficking and possession of drugs, the court sentenced Podorov to 16 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony. And it was already the second fact falling under the court according to the same article: for the first time, in 2008, Michael got off with probation.

      On the TV show Podorov once said that dreams of becoming a businessman. But, apparently, chose the “easy” money is hard work: Podorov with the accomplice engaged in the supply of drugs from St.-Petersburg to Vladivostok. Both took the act at a post office in Vladivostok after receiving a large batch that Michael Podorov and his friend were planning to extend in night clubs.

      Liberi Kadono

      После «Дома-2»: как участники с тяжелыми судьбами пытались начать новую жизнь

      The star of “House-2” has experienced many bitter moments as the project and beyond. One of the most difficult moments was a divorce with Evgeny Rudnev in 2015: the marriage of members of the reality show lasted only six months. After leaving the telestroke, she began to seek solace in alcohol. Colleagues previously talked about her addiction to strong drink, but Liberg denied it. A year and a half after the divorce, still admitted that during the depression for weeks not leaving the house, spending time with a bottle.

      Setbacks in his personal life pushed her to a sudden decision: in January of this year, Libi announced that it will make the operation to restore virginity. But to overcome alcohol addiction, Kadono went to a psychologist and psychiatrist. That’s just it gave unexpected effect: how to tell close Liberg, now she is constantly lost in the virtual world, she had another addiction – computer games. The girl herself denies this fact, but the same thing she was talking about alcohol.

      Close Liberg Kadono save her from another based on

      “Just before it was time, and now I quit drinking, loving men I have, so I took the old – admits to Kadono. – I understand that it should end already gained 8 pounds… it’s Time to take yourself in hand”.


      As Daniel Digler, Anatoly had to fight with serious disease – leukemia. On his diagnosis he said in August 2014, when was in the hospital for treatment. But, as later admitted Hauserman (this is the real name of young person), the disease he learned in December 2013, before coming to a reality show. Long-term treatment has borne fruit: in March 2015, Anatoly announced that he was able to cope with blood cancer and now we just need to observe “good lifestyle” and once in three months to undergo courses of treatment.

      There were rumors that Deneko back to the Clearing, but Anatoly quickly dispelled. Today Hauserman wrote a novel in the form of notes a guy from the province, arrived in the capital. In addition, he became the captain of the KVN team “team of our Solar system”, which stands in the League of Moscow and Moscow region.