Видео: новый роковой образ Нюши понравился миллионам ее поклонников
Pop star changed his look for the video for the song “Kiss”.

Nyusha in the new video

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha (Instagram Nyusha)

Among the music videos Nyusha has a video in
which 25-year-old singer surprised not only the dance steps, as is usually the case
in her videos, but really dramatic role. The pop star appeared in the image
modern-day Amazons and its appearance is fully consistent with the image. Changes
like fans Nyusha, the video for the song “Kiss” has collected more than two
a million hits and lots of positive reviews.

The singer seems to like the new image with the strands, painted in bright red color. As such, the star appeared at a recent presentation
Muz-TV. And then went to rest in Greece.

Not the fact that the image of the Amazon, which has already captivated millions,
approve fashion critic Alexander Vasilyev, who has repeatedly said that the outfits
Nyusha too brave and defiant. But most of all Maestro are confused by the nickname star. “As
you know, Nyusha on stage promoting her father Mr Sorochkin, — said Vasilyev.
This person knows all the laws of show business firsthand, because in the past
he was a member of the group “Tender may”. So dad-producer
a wonderful plus. And negative — and this is what I have said in the magazine
“7 Days” is a stage name of our heroine. I always opposed
this kind of “nicknames” — Elka, Nyusha, Alex, Thank… I understand that Nyusha,
apparently embarrassed of his name Shurochkina. But, nevertheless,
my advice to the stars of show business — take the alias name. We must always
look to the future. Let’s imagine how you will go on stage with
in 45 years? In 65?”

But let’s be loyal: Nyusha only 25 years old. And at her age she can afford all: half-naked
body, bright makeup, sexy outfits, trendy hairstyles… Though, going in
light, the singer really started to dress more modest and respectable at the same time, accordingly to its status as a star of the first magnitude on the Russian musical

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