Анастасия Волочкова переживает за дочь
Ballerina for the first time sends the 10-year-old Ariadne in the camp.

Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia was first sent to camp his
ten year old daughter Ariadne. Ballerina has decided that it is better than a proven, famous all over the country, “Soviet” — in the best sense of the word — camp,
located in the Crimea, for a child. Despite the fact that Anastasia is completely
confident that her daughter is in good hands, she still worried about her.

“Conducted his daughter to the Crimea, — said Anastasia. — Arisha my
going into the camp for the first time and I’m sure going to cry… Not withstand such
sentimental partings. And worried. Although the Agency correctly
organized: from the collection of documents before bidding farewell to the parents.”

Collected in the first independent trip Arisha grandmother. Itself Volochkova was not so much time to recover after the next
tour. Soon the ballerina have to go back to the cities with
his show.

So while Arisha will enjoy the Crimean sea and the sun, Anastasia will work. However, this is unlikely to prevent Volochkova to devote time
and rest. After all, even while at work, the star has time to see the sights
those cities where he performs, as well as to enjoy entertainment

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