ВИДЕО: Милош Бикович показал Аглае Тарасовой свой взрывной характер
Serbian actor does not hide his emotions.

Relationships of Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich began just
a few months ago, but even this time was enough to understand how
harmoniously they fit together. At the recent Kinotavr film festival video
first appeared on star track together and was one of the most beautiful couples.

Aglaia had already visited the home of miloš in Serbia, met
with his family and friends. And Bykowicz, in turn, communicates with
Ksenia Rappoport, mother of his beloved. Moreover, with potential mother-in-law
Milos has already starred in a project in the debut film by Alexander Molochnikova “Myths”.

Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Recall that Aglaya before, when we met with Ilya
By hlinikove. But after the two stars broke up, Tarasova was not in a hurry
advertise your affair with the star of the TV series “Hotel “Eleon”. And only when Elijah
agreed to participate in the show “the Bachelor,” Aglaia ceased to deny that again
in love. Now she tries to capture all aspects related to
Milos. For example, during a trip to
Serbia, the actress made a video like Bikovich dancing in the car.