Любовница Бена Аффлека уже заселилась в его дом
Ex-wife of actor lives in the neighborhood.

Любовница Бена Аффлека уже заселилась в его дом

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner


Lindsay Suckas

Ben Affleck
again became the hero of the scandalous Chronicles — after it was revealed that the actor, who has not
completed your divorce, already living with a new girlfriend! According to some information, mistress
44-year-old Affleck, Lindsay Shukas, the novel which became known only recently, moved to his mansion in Los Angeles.
Moreover, the most piquant in this story that now Ben and Lindsay live literally
a short walk from the former family home of the actor, which is now
lives Jennifer garner, still formally considered to be the wife of Affleck, with their

started a surveillance of the bin after it last week for the first time went
in light with Lindsay managed to “pinpoint” sweet couple when they came out of it
mansion to go to the restaurant together in a rented limousine. And then
they again saw them, when Affleck and Shukas returned later in the evening
his home…

As it turned out, the novel by Ben Lindsey was the true reason that prompted
Garner to report in 2015 on the intention to divorce Affleck. That’s why
Jennifer said last year that “she decided to break up with Ben
even before he learned about his affair with the nanny Christine ouzounian…” However,
then it hint no one understood. And only after it became known that
Affleck not only got a mistress — Chukas, but also began to meet her
more than two years ago, everything fell into place: garner then found out about the affair of her husband with Lindsay and decided to leave him.

But the most
the amazing thing about this story is how firmly garner takes all this very
awkward for her situation. She behaves as if nothing had happened.
Works with children, goes to the gym… And still manages to keep a good
mood and radiant smile!