Видео: Кейт Бекинсэйл откровенно рассказала о том, как соблазнить мужчину
The actress has given the secrets of the new film with his participation.

Kate Beckinsale

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The famous British actress Kate Beckinsale has played a major
the role of lady Susan Vernon in the best, according to many critics, the film adaptation
this year. “Love and friendship” by Jane Austen’s works has gathered in the
world hire of $ 19 million, with a budget of only $4.3 million.

The film became one of the early novels first lady
English literature, Jane Austen. This work is valued for its sparkling humor,
witty description of manners and a scathing satire. Plot: young and charming
widow Susan Vernon is trying to settle in life, clinging to different men.
The ancestral estate of her deceased husband sold for debts, she leaves
the capital in the hope of finding a way out of the situation. Provincial
relatives and friends, especially their female half, not too pleased with the visit
the first yoke of a large light. Because it uses not only the beauty and charm
but mocking and sharp mind and incredible talent to weave.

Kate Beckinsale was so pleased to work on this film that
she decided to record a humorous video in which the actress talks about how
seduction in the nineteenth century. After all, the slogan of the film: “Deceit, hypocrisy and outright shamelessness”. This video is an exclusive provided 7days.ru. In the Russian hire the film “Love and friendship” released on 18th

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