VIDEO: Glucose showed his true colors

ВИДЕО: Глюкоза показала свое истинное лицо
The actress decided on a very bold experiment, almost standing her health.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova showed true heroism
for the shooting of his video for the song “Melt”. At the October icy wind on
the Gulf coast, the singer, dressed only in a thin silk dress
sleeveless, ran along the water’s edge for a spectacular shot. And all this at a temperature of
air plus two degrees! “Initially, the clip was supposed to appear in August,
shared directed mini-film Roman Prygunov. — Of course, in October on the Bay
cold and windy. Winter would be even colder…” This delay in production
music movie happened because of the incredible employment of operator Vladislav
Opulence, which won the prize for best cinematography in the movie “Hostage” directed
Rezo Gigineishvili.

Another feature of the “Melt” was that the singer for the first time in
life, starred in the video without makeup, and stage makeup
used in some moments of the video, only “added” the artist and bruises

the video was Glyuk’oza. “Once, in the company over dinner, we chatted with
friends on the topic of: “should I live with the memories, if they don’t give
hope?” There have been many discussions, but I didn’t understand clearly what my position is
this. After returning home, I thought a lot about what we really often
delusions or the old memory in the past that gave us happiness or
seemed so. But most importantly, I wondered what’s next when
running out of memory? — says Natalya. —
After all, even the worst memories with time running out, erasing
details and becoming more like hallucinations or a figment of our
fantasies as you want. Thank you to the writer of the Novel Cantor, who helped to collect
these thoughts and ideas into a full screenplay”.