VIDEO: Eva Polna rapidly losing weight

ВИДЕО: Ева Польна стремительно худеет
The singer shared the secret to an effective workout.

This warm spring is still far away, but the girls, who for
the long winter allowed himself too much in the kitchen, and took himself in hand
and went to the gym. Among those who want to have a slender figure appeared and Eva Polna, which
by the way, famous for its gourmet tastes. The singer has mastered various
sports equipment, and recently boasted that mastered a new sport
shell, which helps it to swing perfect abs.

“The press can swing indefinitely — the motto of my trainer — shared full. — Today is my favorite exercise. If it hurts to
numbness, then immediately everywhere.”

Fans have noticed that eve was very thin, and all
the forces supporting her sporting success: “good for You”; “Eva is clever! So
keep”; “Eva, you can do it, you’re done! We believe in you!”

Eva Polna with the father of her daughter Denis Klyaver