VIDEO: Daughter of Grigory Leps has appeared in the music video Alexander Panayotov

ВИДЕО: Дочь Григория Лепса снялась в клипе Александра Панайотова
Inga played the beloved singer.

One of the most prominent artists of the producer center of Gregory
Leps Alexander Panayotov has released a music video for the song “Feel you”, included in
the chart of the Gold Gramophone.

For the clip the singer has decided not to involve
professional actors and shoot the pavilions, he wanted to show the real world.
All the characters are ordinary people. He was chosen from hundreds of letters
from fans of the 60 lucky people who played incredibly. And decorations to
the movie became a street near Crocus city Hall, where on March 8 of this year, Alexander
held his first solo concert.

Director, script,
the casting Director and inspirer was made by Alexander himself. And to put in
life was entrusted to a young and promising Director Julia
Melnikova, who graduated from New York
Film Academy.
The main role was played by the daughter of Grigory Leps Inga also graduated from this prestigious