ВИДЕО: Невеста Никиты Преснякова ушла в «отрыв» на девичнике
Alena Krasnova gathered friends at a party in a nightclub.

Very soon will be one of the most high-profile weddings this summer. The protagonists of the celebration will be, Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov. The bride of the grandson of the prima Donna threw in the Metropolitan nightclub bachelorette party. He was invited only the closest friend Alena.

Alena Krasnova with friends

Photo: Instagram.com

Girls chose to have a party the same outfits black and wife Presnyakov was clothed in a dress of the same style, in white only. Guests of the holiday Krasnova “ride it out” in a nightclub until the morning. Bride Nikita, apparently, was satisfied, how did the bachelorette party. “Best day ever! Love you!” — shared his impressions Alain after the party.

The other day, by the way, the future mother-in-law Alena — Christina Orbakaite told fans that all the preparations for the Grand wedding, scheduled for July 27, has almost come to an end.