Стас Костюшкин с женой отметили годовщину свадьбы не вместе
Julia spoke about the changes in her husband.

Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina

Photo: @karapylka Instagram Yulia Kostyushkina

Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina — an example of an exemplary family. Recently the couple celebrated an important anniversary. For 11 years, singer wife and go through life hand in hand. In July 2006 they tied the knot and since then has not parted.

Julia noticed a day steel the wedding that she and the husband had changed from the solemn day of marriage. But the changes, according to Kostyushkina are exclusively positive. In proof of his words, she shared a collage of two photos taken with a difference of 11 years.

“Husband, I think we’re over the years become only better and prettier, what do you say?! Today we have “steel wedding”, about how! Let no one and nothing will melt our steel family!” — posted by Julia in social networks. Stas personally to congratulate your favorite could not, as is now on tour, but promised to do it later. “Eleven years in perfect harmony, just like in a fairy tale. Thank you, beauty, for all: “for children, for love, for all my decisions, for their support.” Tomorrow we will drink tea!” promised Stas wife. Kostyushkina raising two children, Bohdan and Myron, the youngest of them is two years old.

Recall that recently Stas has been involved in a scandal with Alexander Rosenbaum, who occupied the judgment seat in the new show “Three chords”. 65-year-old musician harshly criticized the speech Kostyushkina in the competition.